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Company History

In 1929, George Kimbell and two partners formed Burk Royalty Company as a partnership in Burkburnett, Texas. Mr. Kimbell spent many of the early years in East Texas after the discovery of the East Texas Field. Because cash was scarce during this period of time in America, he traded casing he had salvaged to oil operators for interests in the wells being drilled. Gradually Mr. Kimbell and his partners acquired other oil and gas interests over the State of Texas and Oklahoma and in 1956 he and his partners contributed their interests to incorporate Burk Royalty Co. to perpetuate the Company beyond their life time to benefit their families and employees.

Burk Royalty Co. became one of the early pioneers of the technique for secondary recovery referred to as waterflooding and has had continued developing waterflood projects since the 1950’s. Burk has also conducted a successful nitrogen flood and has several projects suitable for CO2 flooding.

The Company has been active drilling for natural gas for many years beginning in the Fort Worth Basin. Over the years the Company has explored for natural gas across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana and is currently active drilling in East Texas and Northern Louisiana. 

The Kimbell family has been active in the ownership and management of the Company since its founding. David Kimbell, son of George Kimbell, joined the Company after graduating from college, and has served as president since 1962. His sons, G. T. Kimbell II, David Kimbell Jr. and Stan Kimbell are Vice Presidents and have served in various capacities the last three decades. Burk Royalty Co. Ltd and the Kimbell family pride themselves with treating their employees like family, their vendor and professional relationships like partners, and that their word is their bond.

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